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A breath of fresh air, Midwifery in the Wellington region

Kia ora (hello) Midwives. If you're excited by the prospect of breathing new life into your midwifery career – and your quality of life – we welcome you to explore the opportunity on offer in the greater wellington and hutt valley regions, across our four locations. It's time to enjoy the professional and personal balance you deserve, while living and working in what can only be described as a stunning part of the world.

It's a chance to grow and learn while providing care for our ethnically and culturally diverse communities. The Wellington region is a true melting pot – one that could be the making of some very rewarding new career and lifestyle opportunities for you. So, take a breath, relax and read on to discover all that's waiting for you, here in the Wellington region.


Get to know the region

The Wellington region is quite simply a place that will take your breath away. Situated at the Southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island is Wellington, our nation’s capital city, where we’re proud to wear the title of ‘coolest little capital in the world.’ It’s a rightly-earned title too, as there's just so much on offer here. Yes, Wellington is a cultural and culinary hot-spot…but for those who crave the outdoors lifestyle, or can’t wait to be part of laid-back, community centric neighbourhoods, this is your place. With quality schooling, excellent amenities and an abundance of options when it comes to where and how you want to live (think city apartment, spacious family home, lifestyle block) – ours is a region with options for all.

Get to know us


Hutt Hospital

If you love the balance of a smaller setting with a true sense of family, matched with the ability to provide the full scope of midwifery practice, we think you’ll fit right in at Hutt Maternity. Based in the Lower Hutt area of the Wellington region, you’ll join a passionate, caring maternity team with eight birthing rooms and 17 antenatal/postnatal beds. Our team is committed to providing the highest standards of maternity care. We fully support the development of our people and love seeing them progress in their careers. Comradery and continuous learning are a high priority.

We provide primary and secondary care to a diverse population, and have strong relationships with our community. If this sounds like you, then this is the place to be!


Wellington Regional Hospital

What’s your ideal work environment? If it’s a setting with complexity, challenge and supportive colleagues who share your passion for excellence in midwifery care, you’ll be in your element here. Our Wellington maternity service right in the heart of Wellington city will provide every chance to apply your skills and grow them – covering primary, secondary and tertiary care across the region. With twelve birthing suites (each having its own birthing pool/bath), and large postnatal and antenatal wards, you’ll enjoy a well-equipped environment. What’s more, the broad scope of the midwifery care provided here means you’ll be exposed to excellent variety, opportunities to learn, and valuable knowledge sharing with experienced, respected colleagues.


Kenepuru Maternity Unit

If autonomy matched with an excellent support structure and strong culture sounds like your type of work environment, the Kenepuru Maternity Unit at Kenepuru Community Hospital - could be a great place for you. Based 20 minutes outside of the Wellington CBD in the neighbouring city of Porirua, Kenepuru Maternity Unit is a small but much-loved community facility. As a primary birthing unit featuring two birthing rooms and six postnatal rooms, you’ll enjoy being there to care and support pregnant people wherever required – be it with emergencies or quality postnatal care.

The Kenepuru Maternity Unit has a very low rate of intervention, so if you enjoy this style of care in a small environment where you can put all your experience to great use, you’ll be in your element here.


Paraparaumu Maternity Unit

Located on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, just a short drive from the main city of Wellington, the Paraparaumu Maternity Unit is a smaller primary birthing centre. This site features one birthing room and two postnatal rooms. So, if you’re looking to escape the sometimes frantic pace of larger units, but still provide the same high standards of maternity care, we think you’ll love it at the Paraparaumu Maternity Unit. Given the size of the unit and the associated team, this is a place where broad experience and a well-rounded midwifery skill-set will make all the difference. Bring your expertise and passion for primary care, and become part of our Kapiti Coast family.

Our model of care

If you’re not familiar with the model of midwifery care here in New Zealand, let’s just say that – while it’ll be different to what you’re used to – there’s certainly a lot to look forward to.

At its heart, our model of care is focused on the pregnant person and their pēpi (baby). Being people-led over service-focused creates immense scope for our midwives to provide a more personalised level of care. It creates space, trust, listening and ultimately a partnership between the midwife, the pregnant person and their whānau (family). Continuity of care is a focus here, as is the autonomy our midwives enjoy. Join us and you can look forward to providing a much wider scope of care, all the while with the support of a highly talented team on hand whenever needed.

Another interesting aspect is the distinct role Lead Maternity Carers (LMCs) play in New Zealand’s model of care. Typically, LMCs are independent community-based midwives or obstetricians who attend births and oversee all pre and postnatal care. So, as a hospital-based midwife, expect to be there as an expert extra pair of hands during normal birth alongside the LMC. It’s also important to realise the impressive opportunity on offer in community-based maternity care. We have a team who actively and passionately engage within the community – providing care, advice, and support while building connections with pregnant people from a diverse range of cultures and communities.

In most ways, our community midwifery team operates in the same capacity as that of independent LMCs. This means focusing on prenatal care, and postnatal care for up to six weeks post childbirth. Developing strong relationships built on trust and mutual respect is a fundamental part of what makes our community team so well loved and supported in their work. It enables and empowers them to provide a high standard of care and education – and intervention where necessary – into communities where it can make all the difference.

Our 'full-time’ hours of work may also surprise you. A full-time working week equates to 44 hours. As such, the full-time equivalent is normally a 0.9.

Relocating and working here

New Zealand registration

New Zealand registration

The Midwifery Council of New Zealand is the best source of information in the first instance for information relating to the registration requirements to work as a Midwife in New Zealand.

New Zealand registration

Visa process

As a Midwife your skills are in demand here…and our borders are open to you. Discover what’s involved and what’s required to gain the necessary Visa.

New Zealand registration

Managed isolation on arrival

Upon arrival in New Zealand, current rules state that it’s mandatory to enter a Managed Isolation Quarantine (MIQ) facility. Learn more about what’s involved and what to expect.

New Zealand registration


Once you’re at the exciting step of booking flights to New Zealand, we have a team on hand to provide support and advice.

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Work at Hutt Hospital.
Work at Wellington Regional Hospital,
Kenepuru Maternity Unit or Paraparaumu Maternity Unit.